About Us

Our History

On September 11, 1960, we started our Kindergarten program with 23 students. The registration fee was $5 and the monthly tuition was $12.50.  The following year, the enrollment increased to 30 Kindergarteners.  In 1972, we added several preschool classes to include children from the ages of 3-5 year olds.  As the community need grew over the next few years, options were added for toddlers and two year olds.  In 1987, the current preschool building was constructed and by the early 2000’s our enrollment topped out at 250 children.

Mission Statement

Beginnings built through prayer and play

Play is the natural activity of children and meets all their developmental needs. At our preschool, we believe play is the curriculum of the child and the best foundation for learning.  Our teaching staff plan experiences to help children enjoy being preschoolers to the fullest, realizing that children’s play is their work.  As a part of our daily activities, we actively model God’s love through our actions with each other.  Children learn basic Christian values and morals such as kindness, love, caring and sharing.  Each day is opened with a short prayer, we include grace at snack time, and we sing children’s songs with religious as well as secular themes.

Our Staff


Robin Donohue



Merle Patterson

Assistant Director


Beverly Childers



Sandy Harrell

Two Year Olds


Edith Lewis

Three Year Olds


Britney Ramey

Two Year Olds


Stephanie Register



Lisa Taylor

Toddlers & Music